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Leasing & Management Service


The following is the types of services that Pinehill Realty Property Management Team Lease & Management of Residential & Commercial Real Estate:


  • Advising what should be done to make the property ready for the market
  • Marketing your property in our online resources and local newspapers
  • Showing the properties to the prospective tenant on your behalf
  • Carefully selecting the most qualified tenant through our restrictive screening process
  • Preparing the lease agreement that protects both the tenant’s and your rights
  • Maximizing your rental return by getting you the maximum rent and through carefully costs expenditures

Management and Maintenance

  • Mailing rent invoice to tenants to ensure on time rental payments
  • Collecting the rent from the tenants and disbursing it to you each month along with the cash flow statement
  • Taking care of repair request from tenant and maintenance through reasonably priced experts, or you may select your own vendor
  • Documenting any maintenance work that has been approved by you and performed by your select vendor
  • Taking necessary legal steps against non-performing tenant
  • Communicating with you and tenants of all pertinent matters so that you and the tenants are on the same page with us
  • Providing year-end-statement with yearly income and expenses

Leasing and Management Service Fees


Free Rent Analysis

Ever wonder why your property is still on the market while all the ones nearby are rented already? Is your rental price too low? Is it too high? What are others charging for similar rental homes in my area? Wish you could have a professional rent price analysis report based on data in your area? Now you can, better yet, you can get your rent price evaluation for Free.

You don't have to wonder anymore what you should charge for rent on your rental property. Numbers and statistics speak for themselves. We take into consideration the size, age, location, other rental properties in the area, and we produce a rent price analysis that is based on real rental property rents in your area (oh, we'll give you them too, other properties that is), standard deviation numbers and much more.

Free Rent Estimate


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